Welcome to The Black Nova Experience


Black Nova Entertainment is the motivating force behind The Black Nova Experience, LLC.  The Black Nova Experience is comprised of Black Nova Entertainment, Black Nova Apparel, and its wellness division, Your Life Back.  These manifestations were spun from the aspirations of their owner, K. E. Dorham and crafted by the union with guitars man, music, and media producer, Ricardo Love.  The Black Nova Experience’s mission is to create healing of the heart, body, & spirit via music, fashion, wellness, and by stimulating the mind.

K.E. is an actor and vocalist with an unbelievable vocal range and ability of multi vocal characterizations.  He has appeared in Bay Area film, theatrical performances, and has modeled for major advertisements. K. E. is also cousin to the late great Jazz trumpeter, Kenny Dorham.  A few of Kenny Dorham’s most notable accomplishments are Blue Note recordings “Afro-Cuban”, “Una Mas”, and “Trompeta Toccata” , and the composition of the Jazz standard “Blue Bossa”.  Like unto his predecessor and relative, K. E. is also a native Texan.  Originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, he now resides in The Bay Area, California.

Ricardo, a superb guitars man and music producer, is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. As a teen, Ricardo auditioned for and was accepted by the Music Conservatory of Westchester, New York and the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, financial hardships denied him the opportunity to attend.  Subsequently Ricardo worked his way through Barclay Career School of Los Angeles earning certifications in Business. Soon afterwards, at the age of 19, Ricardo was signed to an artist development contract with Polygram Records.  However, his group’s project was shelved.

As an independent musician Ricardo went on to work with platinum artist like Dwayne Wiggins and Eliza Baker of Tony Toni Tone, Jerry Bell of The Dazz Band, Taura Stinson, Alton Eaton, Terry T, and many others.  Ricardo has also written theme songs for television shows such as Caesar and Chu (3 seasons), Latino 101 SiTV (2 seasons), and the film Love Takes Time to name a few. He is the recipient of several music awards and nominations: L.A. Music Awards (2 Winners), Black Music Awards (2 Winners), Hollywood Music Awards (3 Nominations), and one shared Nomination for an Alma Award for his works on the Caesar and Chu Show.

E. and Ricardo crossed paths after moving to Oakland, California.  In 2001 their collaboration produced the songs “Blowing My High” and “(Hard To Live) This Single’s Life” for the 2006 release of K.-E.-D.’s “Happy Sad Songs” album.  They appear together in a video to the album’s first single release,” Kiss Ya”.  Little did they know that after drifting apart to experience many musical ventures with various artists and producers that time would bring them together again to form a union…Black Nova. Black Nova is without argument one of the most diverse accompaniments in modern music.  Their sound spends from R&B to Hip-Hop/Rap, Jazz, Pop, Country, House, Adult Contemporary, and World music, but not limited to. R&B music is Black Nova’s main staple, but Black Nova captures the ear regardless of the genre.

Black Nova has considered themselves to be “in the lab” concocting four soon to be released albums.  “The Rainmaker” album (unreleased) is an eclectic work that is sure to speaks for itself. It is introduced to us with a blazing Rock solo that is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and takes one for a ride through Genreland with soaring vocals that may remind you of many of the greats. The Rainmaker is the epitome of Black Nova’s diversity.  “I Love You Like I Love Brazil” album is an Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Country, and World Music fusion that will etch The Black Nova Experience into the hearts of the easy listener. “Relationship” is an album that takes you back to what Black Nova loves most. It’s R&B, Blues, & Pop with a dance club feel on nearly every track. The songs “Hold On” and “Hasty” are sure to place the listener in a Michael Jackson and Prince state of mind.

Releasing “The Rainmaker” was Black Nova’s initial intent, but the 2017 execution of Minnesota’s Philando Castile urged the group to concentrate on promoting more serious social content.  Black Nova laid aside their smooth R&B sound and their work previously completed and began a new album…Black Nova: “Black Love: Songs In The Key Of Freedom”. They have turned their attention towards gentrification and homelessness amongst other more pertinent social issues.  Solutions are not easy, but Black Nova’s Bob Marley makeover of “No Woman, No Cry” newly titled “Don’t Cry” has a verbal and visual message that travels through ears and eyes to the very depth of the heart. “Our purpose is to make every word and note count…to evoke thought to constructive action for the betterment of the earth’s most downtrodden…the darker people of the earth”.  With the addition of Odie Ashford’s Sign Language Interpreting Service and close caption for visual presentations, Black Nova reaches the non-hearing, an audience that is often ignored by most musical acts.

This powerless piece spares no words and leave few thoughts unveiled.  Be sure not to miss a once in a lifetime experience in Black Nova’s first album release, Black Love: Songs In The Key Of Freedom due April 4, 2018.

You will be pleasantly surprised with how The Black Nova Experience embodies your every listening desire.  There is simply no observer that Black Nova fails to touch.