Welcome to The Black Nova Experience

The Black Nova Experience is comprised of Vocalist, K. E. Dorham & Guitarist/Producer, Ricardo Love.  Black Nova is an Oakland, California based music duo with an eclectic music catalog that covers nearly every major genre of music.  The R&B concentrated duo’s works extends to the genres of Blues, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, House, Adult Contemporary, Jazz, and Bossa Nova.  With sign language interpreting performed by Odie Ashford, The Black Nova Experience becomes an event for all eyes to see.


We introduce you to The Black Nova Experience with a tribute to the late great Bob Nesta Marley via Black Nova’s “Don’t Cry”, a cry against gentrification and homelessness.

Free download:  https://soundcloud.com/user-106089706/dont-cry


Prepare to witnesses what has yet to be accomplished by any artist in the history of music.  Welcome to The Black Nova Experience.